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The Mr. Fuddlebee Story



Glad you stopped by. My name is Mr. Samuel Fuddlebee. When I was very young, my original family either left me to fend for myself out by my home when they moved away or just forgot me. Well, you can imagine how I must have felt. I cried a lot at first, but then I became hungry. And I didn’t know what to do? I was lonely, hungry, and confused. Why weren’t they around anymore? Why did they just up and leave me the way they did? Good thing it was in the springtime where the flowers were starting to bloom. At least that was pretty nice. You know, it was fun rolling around in the grass and roaming the streets, but I was still so lonely. Then there were these mites that got in my ears.. what a terrible thing, and I got so dirty that I started to itch. Oh, God, please help me.

One day, I guess it was the neighbor, noticed that I was left behind and called the Minnesota Humane Society. They tried to catch me, but I was scared and gave them a time. I was then put in a cage and brought in to the shelter, given drops for my ears (the mites you know) and checked out by a vet. I was then released inside a room with others that looked like me. I wasn’t there long before this kind lady came to get me. You might know her. She’s the one that started Have A Heart and this Animal site.

Well, I took just one look at her and strolled up to say hi. I was lifted up in her arms and when we had our private meeting in another small room, well the first thing I did was jump up on the ledge and get in her lap. Then I rolled on my back and purred. I hoped I had found a home once again.

I couldn’t hear anything, but the next day she came and took me home. The people at the humane society told her that I would never hear but she put her hands on my ears and prayed for me and not to long after that I was able to hear. The first thing I heard was her soft whistle. Guess she, being a girl, couldn’t whistle very well. But, every time I hear that sound, I come running, knowing she is calling me.

I also heard tell in our home, how the people at the humane society told her that I was fixed, whatever that meant. But, I soon found out what it meant and off to the vet I was sent. Not so bad. Even though it was a little more difficult than it should have been, I came through it just fine. This all happened about 7 years ago.

What am I doing now? I have some great friends in my home. I have two big collie dogs that are brother and sister. We get along really great together. They kiss me and I kiss them. We run and play together. They let me share their water bowl if I want, and we hang out together, you know, friends. We always watch out for our family. We’re a team.

The food and water is always there so I am not going hungry anymore and one of my special things is to climb on my daddy. All the way up to his head and clean his hair, but I can’t do it all. Did I tell you I love to lick, lick and, lick when I sense dirt on me? I guess it was living out in the wooded area in Minnesota and getting so much dirt on me. Now I’m like the rest of the retirees that live in sunny Florida and love my porch. My family named the porch,” Sammy’s Porch”. I think that’s appropriate, don’t you?

Hey, thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you about some of my life. Remember, if you see a stray cat along the way and not looking to well, give him or her a helping hand, will you? But, remember one thing, shelters will only keep them for a while, and then well, they are euthanized. So try and give them a new home, will you?

I hear tell from the others at the shelter that I was in, that some were placed in small cages and were so unhappy and so scared that they would curl up in their litter boxes for comfort and safety when people would come through trying to say hello. I’m glad they didn’t put me in a cage at the humane society. I’m glad they gave me a room with others like me. I also found out that if I didn’t get a home real quick, they would have euthanized me as well, just for the space. Too many cats they say and not enough room. Could you imagine? I would have been, gulp! Killed, because they wanted to make room for others. If more folks spayed and neutered their pets, these things would stop happening, and maybe more shelters of refuge will be built where the overflow will give us guys a real chance to find a home. Remember, we really are frighten and don’t want to spend our days in a small cage.

Hey, thanks a lot for stopping by. I sure needed to tell someone about me. Because you know us cats “It’s All About Me.”

Love ya,
Sam Fuddlebee

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