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Pet Parenting Brochures

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Signs And Causes Of Pet Stress

Deals With – some behavioral signs of stress, some situations that cause pet stress, stress reducers and being a pet parent. sponsored by Linda Norman of Norman & Furlong 352-629-9138


The Loss Of Your Pet

Deals With – Healing after the loss of your pet, The grieving process, Tips for coping with the loss of a pet, getting a new pet and includes a very special poem, “Within His loving Hands”, written by Marilyn Marinelli. Sponsored by Rose Garden Pet Cremation, Mary Rose Dunne 272-9555


Living With A Deaf Dog Or Cat

Deals With – Adopting a deaf dog or cat. What causes a dog or cat to lose it’s hearing? Myths vs reality. How to keep your deaf dog or cat safe. Learning a new language… a new way to communicate with your pet. How to live with a deaf pet. Important contacts for further information. Sponsored by Audibel Hearing Centers, Ocala: 352-873-0034 The Villages (Old Camp Rd.) 352-259-5234. The Villages (Bella Cruz Dr) 352-750-2005.



Benefits Of Spay or Neutering Your Pet

Deals With – Common excuses to not spay or neuter a pet.  The six truths of why to spay or neuter. Benefits for the female and the male. A better pet for you and your family. And alleviating the dog and cat overpopulation problem.  Sponsored by Lee’s Pet Services 321-292-4007


Caring For Your Puppy Or Dog

Deals with – Points on how to live with a puppy. Topics like heartworm prevention, grooming, feeding your puppy and feeding your adult dog, socializing and leash training. Sponsored by Author Margaret Sottillo, Facebook page, Margaret for the dogs.


A Difficult Journey To My New Home

Deals with – Gives you a perspective of what your new pet’s journey could have take him through to get to the shelter or rescuer you are adopting him from. Helping him to feel loved and secure. Looking from your new pet’s point of view. New commands, making him familiar with key words and you understanding what he already knows. Important points to help keep things going smooth. Sponsored by Marinelli Marketing Services, John Marinelli 352-687-1776.


Adoption, This Time It’s For Keeps

Deals with – An overview on why are you considering adopting a pet? Questions to ask yourself. If you are going out of town, vacationing or moving, one of the biggest reasons loved animals end up at the pound and are being destroyed. Your commitment to this new addition to the family. Sponsored by Gonzalez Drafting Service, Bill Gonzalez 352-216-3856


The Nine To Five Dog

Deals with – People working and having a dog. Know the facts first about puppies and different breeds. If you have a dog and work, what can you do when they are home alone to make things alright? Remember, you will be missed. What can you do so you dog does not feel anxiety while you are away? Sponsored by Send Out Cards, Gary Berkshire 352-250-3086   www.sendoutcards.com/GaryB


Solving Separation Anxiety Problems

Deals with – Dogs are smart, seeds of a misbehavior problem, how they think. What is going on in your puppy’s mind’s eye or ear? Psychic trauma, how to deal with it. What can you do? Who is leading who? A good dog, a happy dog and you. Sponsored by Have A Heart For Companion Animals, Inc. 352-687-4070   www.haveaheart.us


The Backyard Dog Dilemma – What You Should Know

Deals with – Misconception about backyard dogs. Understanding dogs; they are pack animals not guard dogs. Never tie or chain your dog outside and why. Are there comfortable areas where these dogs are confined? What is the answer? What can you do? Who says tethering or chaining dogs is inhumane? Dogs chained or tethered are not treated well, why? It’s your choice; make it a healthy one. Sponsored by The pet Protector, Jerry Carpenter 931-477-0473


When You Find a Stray

Deals with – What to do when you find a stray animal. How to prepare to rescue, Safety for you and the animal, Checking for identification, no tag, Looking for the owner. How to go about making up and posting flyers. Sponsored by Saxon Specialties, Inc. Bill Saxon 352-528-5650


Living With a Blind or Visually Impaired Dog

Deals with – This brochure helps an owner of a newly blinded dog, or adopting a blind/visually-impaired dog or puppy. How to live with a blind dog. Myths vs reality, Find out answers to why blind dogs or cats are still wonderful pets. How to make your home pleasant for you and your pet. Outside landmarks and a very special heart touching poem you can treasure. Sponsored by Marinelli Marketing Services, John Marinelli 352-687-1776.


How To Raise a Kitten

Deals with – Kitten proofing your home, food, water and the litter box. Grooming kitty and how to use the scratching post. Sponsored by Allen Curry Plumbing, Allen Curry, 352-427-7036.


Why So Much Barking?

Deals with – Why dogs bark? Your dogs different bark expressions, what do they mean? What you can do about your excessive barking dog and how to correct this behavior. Sponsored by Trained Dog, Happy Dog, Lilianne Medida, 352-528-3828. www.TrainedDogHappyDog.com


Your New Baby and the Family Pet

Deals with – Why Parents-to-be should keep their pets. How to prepare the family pet for the arrival of a baby. Teaching a child how to handle a pet, benefits for children owning a pet and establishing rules for children, as your baby gets older. Sponsored by Central Florida Insurance of Marion Oaks, Timothy A. Acree, LUTCF 352-347-2929.


Pets Pills and Poisons

Deals with – Truths about your pet eating something that may be poisonous? How to be safe with your medication and your pet. Plants that are not good for your pet and flea and tick collars concerns. Sponsored by The Villages Firearms Training, Gary Easton, 352-396-5383.  www.thevillagesfirearmstraining.com


Dog & Puppy Chewing

Deals with – What not to do, what to do, why dogs need to chew, teething remedies for puppies, Chewing, Ripping, Shredding, Tearing Up and Generally Destroying. Sponsored by Need Him Ministries where you can text chat or call our 800 phone number and either way you talk with a live person 24/7/7. Visit www.ChatAboutJesus.com


Crate & Potty Training Your Pet

Deals with – How to train your pet to use a crate as a bed and place of safety when you are out of the house. It is a wonderful tool to train a puppy to go outside to do his or her business rather than inside your home.  Sponsored by Need Him Ministries where you can text chat or call our 800 phone number and either way you talk with a live person 24/7/7/   www.ChatAboutJesus.com


Hurricane… Don’t Leave Your Pet Behind

Deals with – Why owners must plan ahead, Pet disaster relief organizations, taking your pet with you, staying at home with your pet and reasons not to leave your pets behind. Sponsored by Need Him Ministries where you can text chat or call our 800 phone number and either way you talk with a live person 24/7/7/   www.ChatAboutJesus.com

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