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April 2024 Newsletter

Spring has sprung, and the grass is green, and the trees are getting their leaves back.

I would like to encourage you to take the time to look over my website www.haveaheartusa.org.


You will find downloadable brochures. You can pick ones you feel will help you or a friend with their pets.

If you know of or run a rescue group or shelter, we also can provide you with some of our beautiful shiny glossy brochures that we can send to you for FREE for you to distribute as needed to the persons that will adopt one of your animals. Please e-mail me with which ones you may want, how many and where to mail them. We would appreciate a small donation to cover postage.


I just found out about a dog food that is super-duper for dogs and puppies. It is called Bully Max. Look up their website and see the many varieties of dog food they have available. You can also have it delivered to your home.

Taken from their website:

THE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS: Trusted by UKC, AKC, and ABKC champion breeders (Such as the Incredibullz, Dela Cruz Kennels, & Carolina Bully farms). Bully Max is also used by search and rescue units, veterinarians, top law enforcement agencies, and the US navy seals.

5/5 STAR RATED FORMULAS: Reviewed and rated 5/5 by dogfoodadvisor.com, the most trusted third-party dog food reviewer.

So look, it may interest you. Just type www.shop.bullymax.com.


On my website Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc. www.haveheartusa.org under Links you will find Can We Help You Keep Your Pet … click there and you will find information on how to add another pet to your home “Dog Behavior Getting Along With Other Animals”.


I would also like to encourage you to look over some of my past newsletters. They contain a lot of information and also highlight the things we have accomplished in the past.

Well, that’s it for now. My best to all of you.

Marilyn Marinelli
Founder and Present
Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc.
[email protected]

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