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PicWe’re so happy you stopped by. I’m Buddy, the handsome one on the left, and my beautiful sister Maggie pictured here on the right. Mr. Samuel Fuddlebee is our adopted brother cat. If you haven’t met him yet, click on “The Mr. Fuddlebee’s Story” of course after you hear what we have to share with you here.

I first would like to share a poem with you called:


Chained in a yard where I’m all alone
Wondering why they came to the shelter
To take me home.
Do they think that my bark will scare others away?
Can’t I bark just as good inside
And not be so far away?
I wanted so much to be loved and adored
And curl up next to them as they sit on the floor.
Petting me, I hear, is good for their health It will calm them and sooth them
And cause them to melt.
But alas, I’m chained and I hope I don’t choke.
I get tangled up sometimes and then get free
But what happens when I really need them
Will they be there for ME?
I guess no one told them Dogs are pack animals, you know?
We like to be with you wherever you go.
I wish they could know how much more I protect them,
If in there home I could be.
I’d know exactly when to warn them And I’d have a loving family.
So if you see me chained outside, all alone.
PLEASE, let them know I need love And a home.
Written by Marilyn Marinelli

Wow, that’s a sad story, Maggie. You know too many folks don’t take the time to understand us dogs. Why, a few years back the neighbor’s puppy would visit Maggie and me. She wore No leash, no collar, and no tags, just left to wander all alone. Oh, she was watched for a while. But when we went into our warm home in Virginia, this little puppy, from the day she was brought home, was chained to the outside of the trailer by herself all night long. Other creatures could have attacked her from the field outback.

She would come every morning to have a treat with us. She would sit real pretty by our fence and wait for the treats to be handed out by our guardian mom. What she did all day by herself and at night all alone, I don’t know. Many time the animal shelter truck would come by, I guess to give a fine or tell her guardian what to do, but it never changed.

There was also a kitty that had a home right near us. She was left outside everyday until her guardian came home, sometimes very late at night. We called here Kitty. Kitty would come through our fence every time we were out back playing, just to say hello, get a little treat and just hang out on our patio. She was a sweetie. I think Maggie got jealous sometimes because I found myself strangely attracted to “Kitty” and stop playing with Maggie.

One day a puppy was running around on our front lawn, as lost as could be. But, my guardian mom found its owner. Good thing for that pup.

Oh, and Buddy, tell them about that other dog we saw. Oh yes, one day a dog came running down the street as fast as it could run. It was pulling a huge chain and at the end of the chain was a big piece of wood. Never knew what happened to that poor guy or gal.

Yes, and Buddy, remember the sweet little kitty you were telling them about and the roaming puppy. Yes, how sad. The puppy grew up, about a year old I’d say, and another dog was added to her family. Both of them would roam around all day and one day “Kitty” never came back.

Well, goes to show you how some humans don’t take the time to apply what they learn about dogs and cats.

If some folks that want us so bad would learn more about us, they’d see what a true blessing we can be to them and their family. Yes, Buddy and look at all those K-9 police dogs, search & rescue dogs, dogs used for therapy to help people get around. oh I could go on and on.

Well yes Maggie, you are a girl dog and I’m sure you have much more to say but, for right now let’s try and keep it short. It’s also true we have a greater sense of smell and hearing than people do.

I’m sure glad our guardian mom and dad let us stay inside to sleep on our nice beds. I hear tell some other dogs get to sleep right in the master’s bed. I think we should start working on that one don’t you Mags? Thanks for dropping by to visit with us. We hope that you have learned a little something and now realize that we are creatures that need love and family. In return we will give love, licks and kisses and a whole lot more. Love, Licks and Kisses Buddy & Maggie

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