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December 2023 Blog

This month, I’d like to discuss my book, “My Collies & Me”. I thought that it would be a perfect Christmas gift to all of your friends and neighbors that have or love dogs.

First off, I want to make it very affordable so you can buy several. The book sells for $14.95, however, for my friends, I am offering the book at $7.95 plus 2.50 s/h. That would be a net of $10 per book. This offer is only good through the holidays. 1/10/24 is the cut-off date…and you will need to buy it directly from me, not Amazon or other on-line booksellers. Just drop a check in the mail, made out to Marilyn Marinelli for $10 to PO Box 831413 Ocala, FL. 34483. Be sure to include your name, shipping address and email so I can acknowledge your order.

Here’s a synopsis of the book and a little about me, the author.

“My Collie Girls & Me” is an ongoing saga that reflects the faith and love of the author for the collie fur babies entrusted to her by God. It is also the story of how God can and does bless his children through the precious hearts of companion animals.

“My Collie Girls & Me” is a true love story filled with both sadness and great joy. It exposes human weaknesses, great faith and dedication. It is an easy read with over 30 photos. This wonderful story of God’s love spans more than 20-years and flows through four collie girls, two collie males, three beautiful cats and one loving husband.

The author shares blessing after blessing sent from heaven to her through her collie girls. She will also talk about the two male collies and her three cats, revealing how God used them over the years to teach her Biblical truth.

Hidden within the pages of the collie love story are selected original poems by the author. They are presented as a support for various events and/or feelings.

About The Author, Marilyn Marinelli

Marilyn Marinelli is an Ordained Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, associated with Faith Christian Fellowship Int’l, a worldwide full gospel fellowship. She is also Co-Author of Together Forever a marital enrichment home seminar. She ministered for the Fellowship of Christian Poets for over 10 years through a monthly blog called Ministry for the Poets Soul. She has ministered in song at various churches. She is also the Founder and President of Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc. a ministry dedicated to the protection of companion animals. www.haveaheartusa.org.

She has also played an important part in sharing information and statistics with the local county commissions to change the law regarding the chaining of dogs in her local county. No longer do dogs have to suffer that abuse. She is the author of two published Christian books; titled “A Dry & Thirsty Land” and “Believing God” which are books that minister to women. Both share true victories in her walk with the Lord. They are currently being offered through http://www.marinellichristianbooks.com/. My Collie Girls & Me is her third book in print.

Be a blessing this Christmas to dog loves and owners. They will love the true-life story and you for sharing it.


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