Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc.
A 501c-3 Not for Profit Charitable Organization


The “No Kill” Alternative

Have A Heart for Companion Animals seeks to work hand and hand with other rescue groups to lessen the over population of unwanted animals through supporting already existing spay and neutering programs.

There is an alternative solution to the more than 80% death rate of unwanted companion animals in the USA and over 70% in Marion County. That answer lies in the hands of the Animal Welfare Organizations, Local Government Bodies, and the General Public. When good folks have a heart, there is always a way and we aim to find it.

Have A Heart for Companion Animals is a 501 c-3 not for profit organization that focuses its efforts on helping pet owners that need help. This is done primarily through website & telephone counseling… Information and Referral Have A Heart for Companion Animals seeks people from all walks of life to volunteer a few hours a week in fund raising, marketing, public relations, research, administration, obedience training, and other areas of animal concern. If you are an animal lover, a compassionate individual, an animal care professional, or someone with any related expertise, you’ll want to learn more about Have A Heart and its “No Kill” mandate. Remember, the best animal shelter is a caring community.

We adhere to the “No Kill” Declaration. Click here to learn more

Statistics Tell The Story And Show The Need

Over 80% of all companion animals surrendered to the Pounds, the S.P.C.A.’s, or the Humane Societies in the United States are destroyed, most of them because the facilities do not have enough room. They have to make space for others. Some facilities destroy animals the same day they are obtained. Others wait 4 days to a week before the death bell rings. Annual death estimates range from five million to eighteen million depending on who you talk to.

Many turn-ins are healthy when surrendered but get sick being around other animals and are destroyed rather than led to recovery. There just isn’t enough time to care for them.

Death, due to a lack of space or sickness is not an acceptable solution.

All the efforts of the Humane Society, the Pound, the SPCA and other rescue groups, as good as they are, still fall short of a real solution.

Have-A-Heart exist to join the fight against the destruction of unwanted companion animals. We want to be a part of the effort, joining hands with others who care, to find an acceptable solution.

We do not have all the answers, nor do we know all the questions, but we are ready and willing to get involved.

Marilyn Marinelli, the Founder, feels that life is a gift from God. Whether an animal or a human being, it is still God given life and should be respected and protected.

Have-A-Heart seeks to partner with other groups, working together to make Marion County a “No Kill” environment. We can no longer settle for “Death” as an answer to population control. Through community awareness, spay & neutering campaigns, special programs and media support, we look to make a significant change in the existing destiny of unwanted companion animals. “The best animal shelter is a caring community.”

Please join us in shaping the future of Marion County animal rights and the treatment of unwanted companion animals.

"We Are Not Disposable"


The Best Animal Shelter is a Caring Community


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