Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc.
A 501c-3 Not for Profit Charitable Organization


Our Work


Have A Heart for Companion Animals Inc. exists to:

  1. Establish an ongoing educational program that includes: community awareness, spay, and neutering education, and other areas of animal welfare.
  2. Establish annual & special fundraising events that call attention to our cause and raise money to support our program of work.
  3. Recruit volunteers to work on special projects and events.
  4. Seek media support in calling attention to the need and possible solutions.
  5. Educate the general public on the concept of “No Kill” and the understanding that “The Best Animal Shelter is a Caring Community,” not the destruction of companion animals.
  6. Counsel residents with animal behavior and other problems in an effort to reduce owner turn-ins to area shelters.
  7. Provide the community with free information on various animal issues through a website including pet-friendly rentals, referrals, and “How To” Brochures on many other topics.

"We Are Not Disposable"


The Best Animal Shelter is a Caring Community


We welcome your donations
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Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc.
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